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Laura Chester has published many volumes of poetry, prose and non-fiction. Most recently, Holy Personal, looking for small private places of worship, was made available from Indiana University Press, and a selection of prose-poems, Sparks, was published by The Figures. Both books include extensive photographs by Donna DeMari.

Eros & Equus
a passion for the horse

With photographs by Donna DeMari.

Why does it seem we never tire of good horse stories? Perhaps it is because they connect us to something deeper and more meaningful. Read more...

Eros & Equus, a passion for the horse

Willow Creek Press
Available May, 2006
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Lupus Novice: toward self-healing

This "exceptional patient," as Dr. Bernie Siegel describes Chester, reverses the expectations of current medical opinionů This intimate self-portrait is not only a personal mythology but a story of transformation. Read more...

Video: The Author's Road, Interview

Laura Chester: Writer, Editor, Poet

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  Featured Books

Riding Barranca: finding freedom and forgiveness on the midlife trail

Riding Barranca: Finding Freedom and Forgiveness on the Midlife Trail

Riding with Laura is pure pleasure. In a fleeting one-year journal, skilled horsewoman, Laura Chester, brings us into her world, where we deeply connect with the earth and its seasons, with beauty and sometimes danger. Read more...

More Books

Holy Personal

Laura Chester documents the American landscape as well as the American soul. In New England she visits a root cellar chapel and one converted from a garage. She discovers an American stavkirke in Door County, Wisconsin, a Mother Goddess altar in San Francisco, and a straw-bale milagro chapel in Arizona. Read more...

Featured Books: Holy Personal: Laura Chester documents the American landscape as well as the American soul.

  Recent Works

Rancho Weirdo

Life on the U.S./Mexican border presents a clash of cultures and expectations that is explored with insight and dark humor in Laura Chester’s new collection of short stories, Rancho Weirdo (Bootstrap Press). Read more...

With hilarious quirky drawings by Haeri Yoo.

RANCHO WEIRDO, new stories, work in progress

Prose Poems
Works in Progress

Video: Riding Barranca

Authors Road Video

Heartbeat For Horses

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Heartbeat for Horses is a collection of writing and color photographs brought together in honor of horse crazy girls -- Those who might only live in the fantasy world of books and statues, who pin posters on their walls and dream of jumping like National Velvet, or for those who actually compete in rodeos and horse shows. Read more...

Willow Creek Press, Spring, 2007

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