Eros & Equus
a passion for the horse

With photographs by Donna DeMari

Eros & Equus, a passion for the horse, A literary anthology

Willow Creek Press
Available May, 2006
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Why does it seem we never tire of good horse stories? Perhaps it is because they connect us to something deeper and more meaningful. Books about the wild joys of riding and the profoundness of our relationships to these grand animals, take us away from everyday reality, but even more than that, they remind us of a creature both noble and kind, powerful and tender, as beautiful today as it was a thousand years ago. Read more...




Heartbeat for Horses is a collection of writing and color photographs brought together in honor of horse crazy girls -- Those who might only live in the fantasy world of books and statues, who pin posters on their walls and dream of jumping like National Velvet, or for those who actually compete in rodeos and horse shows. Read more...

Willow Creek Press, Spring, 2007

DEEP DOWN, The New Sensual Writing by Women

Chester has edited five important anthologies including the break-through collection of new sensual writing by women, DEEP DOWN.
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THE UNMADE BED, Sensual Writing on Married Love

Partaking in the perennial rediscovery inherent in the marriage bed, these contemporary American writers celebrate the sensual aspects of marriage in all of its cycles...
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CRADLE & ALL, Women Writers on Pregnancy and Birth

It is no surprise that we see in this collection the ability to describe that which is almost indescribable, that most “ordinary miracle” we all share—being born. Read more

RISING TIDES, 20th Century American Women Poets

Rising out of the consciousness that gave birth to the Women's Liberation Movement, this book is a feminist statement in the largest sense Read more