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BITCHES RIDE ALONE, short fiction
Black Sparrow Press, 1991
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In the serial short fictions of Bitches Ride Alone, Chester returns to familiar terrain with equally headlong unguarded candor. Chronicling bittersweet memories and fantasies of affairs, she examines the tension between the idealism of desire and reality’s inevitable shortfall. Courage and honesty are the dominant qualities here.


“It is the exuberance of this collection that is its most charming feature. Loose and lanky, the prose seems to thrive on rawness and recklessness…Chester’s best writing comes from a radical girlhood—curious, impatient, impetuous and alive.” Review of Contemporary Fiction

“This narrator invents a free-flowing, associative style, at once a hypnotic literary technique, a liberating ethic and a feminine metaphysic, desire pulsating in the everyday. The sheer accuracy of her prose entices the reader to take this art purely on its own terms.” American Book Review

“This is powerful stuff, often beautifully obscure, with undercurrents that constantly tug at the shoals of sanity.” Booklist

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