Books by Laura Chester

Excerpt from Holy Personal

The idea for this book came unexpectedly, almost like being surprised by love when you are not seeking it out. And as with love, I had to follow, see where this pilgrimage would take me, moving from one small sanctuary on to the next, from one radiant story onward. Even at the beginning, I could feel the strands of an ever-expanding network spreading across the country, connecting me to these small bird nests of worship, and to the wonderful, spirited people who'd built them...

Though we may not have to create our own secret, underground chapels out of persecution anymore, there is still a yearning for religious privacy, a deep desire to create for oneself a holy chamber, a place where creative expression joins hands with devotion. We need a place devoted to tranquility in a world that is always pushing us outward. Here, in these small silent rooms, without distraction, one can sit still, hear the inner voice, give thanks and be at peace-- Pax Profundis-- before moving on.

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