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Creative Arts, 2000
Paperback and cloth editions
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It was the worst Christmas of her life for many reasons. With the discovery of her husband’s infidelity, and her children’s painful rejection, Joanna Hawkins leaves her comfortable life on Beacon Hill and heads west. Here she takes over her aunt’s small cattle ranch, and rediscovers her teenage flame, Sam Mendoza. Kingdom Come is a contemporary eastern/western with a Traviata twist, fast-moving, heartbreaking fiction, Chester’s best to date.

“Chester depicts the randomness of the universe as a life-shattering force in this deeply satisfying and mature work.” Booklist

“Chester deftly and completely captures the innards of the relationships between men and women, between children and mother, among friends and lovers—I was left breathless. The writing is terrific. More than once I found myself stopping mid-sentence to re-read a particularly brilliant part. Chester has told my story, practically moment by moment. She has told the story of almost every woman I know…Wonderful, wonderful.” Marie Harris, poet laureate for NH

“This is one beautiful, well-written midlife coming-of-age novel that’s worth having on your shelf.” Rachel Barenblat

I had lived for eighteen years in the shade, and suddenly I felt the need for a stronger light, the purity of air at a certain altitude, no buildings to obstruct the view, the far far-reaching atmosphere, circling, coursing with tremendous cloud, the dramatic slant of sunshine breaking through a storm front pushed north from Mexico. I wanted to claim this last frontier of open range, the San Rafael, surrounded by mountains-- pronghorn grazing in the distance, harrier hawks swooping over golden undulations, the cottonwood that ran along the streambed of the Santa Cruz, the wandering Hereford who stood by the roadside, mother and son, listening to the metal zing of the cattleguard as I drove past, heading for La Querencia, setting up a trail of road dust on the way to my Aunt Carla's.