Books by Laura Chester

Excerpt from Lupus Novice

On my thirty-third birthday, towards the end of my first flare-up with SLE, I received a letter from a woman writer whose encouragement of my literary work made me regret that I'd ignored that part of my life during the previous two years. As she entreated me to face my present condition, I felt the urgency to begin this book. She wrote:

"Now you are very sick with this strange disease, about which no one knows much, and I wonder why you. There must be some reason; disasters cannot be so randomly dealt. And I think it's because you of all people, will write about this. With all the energy left you, I know you will make sense of what is happening to you, and so many other women." – Christine Schutt

So I began to confront both the old and the new self, the estranged writer, as well as this strange invalid self, a true novice in the world of disease. But I realized, as I began, that if I could give back a reflection, to those who weren‘t able to express such painful places, seeing them clearly before they slipped past, then perhaps this work would diminish the state of aloneness one enters when a disease such as lupus is named...

There are no absolutes in the world of disease. Each person finds her own way. Disease only heightens the process we all inevitably face. Lupus, like all threatening diseases, brings up that primal fear of the unknown, which is the future, and which includes our faith and death and all we love. But even fears can be transformed. So too, this book began to chronicle, one step at a time, the unknown as it became know to me.