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Black Sparrow Press, 1989

Infidelity and sexual obsession, birth and loss are the dominating themes in this frank new novel, The Stone Baby. Julia Chapin, an aspiring painter, with three small sons, is swept away on the wings of compulsive sexuality, money and charm.

Chester’s lyrical, sensual prose, precisely charts the evolution of a doomed relationship, from its first erotic rush to sobering disillusionment, all along the way revealing how profoundly women support one another during terrible times.

“It’s a fine achievement, the best thing of its kind since Elizabeth Bowen. If Bowen were still alive, she might envy the frankness with which Chester is able to write about sex, childbirth, and the gut-tugging bond between mother and child.” SF Chronicle

“A compelling, beautifully written book, poetic and dreamlike.” Lyn Lifshin

“In the description of the violence done against women and the nurturing that women provide for each other, Chester displays her most powerful writing.” The Berkshire Eagle


“I don’t want to complicate your life,” was his response. But it damn well was a complication. The arrangements, the babysitters, the timing, the calls, the hair just right, the question of clothes, the confirmations, the sudden change of whim, the endless anticipation, the vacant stretch of waiting, the storm that cancelled out, the basic do without, the managing of time, the shuffling of emotions, the confusion of her feelings. Life could have been more simple. Much less complicated.