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WATERMARK, a novella
The Figures, 1978
Rare, limited cloth edition available from author


I pictured him in a room full of women, approaching each one with that tender control, making us all go soft inside, as if he were passing a tray of unmentionables, exactly what we wanted to hear, that we were desirable, and being desired, we thought he was offering us something. But no, just take a good long look and eat your heart out—That’s the meal. Such sexual confusion had us huffing and puffing like mating birds in a mistaken dance…

“The best French novel written in Oconomowoc.” Stephen Rodefer, poet

“What stands out is the natural flowing sound and seamless coherence of the prose, an extraordinary quality these days, and the sure grasp of experience. A fine achievement. I’m delighted.” Carl Rakosi, poet