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Eros & Equus
a passion for the horse

With photographs by Donna DeMari

Eros & Equus, a passion for the horse, A literary anthology

Willow Creek Press
Available May, 2006
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EROS & EQUUS is a literary anthology of prose and poetry with sepia-toned photographs by Donna Demari. Remarkable! Read more...


Hiding Glory

The story of a girl and a small blue horse With illustrations by Gary Lippincott.

First in a series of imaginative children’s books, this is the wild tale of a small blue horse named Glory, (guardian on the morning glory vine), who takes Turner Flint off to the land of Joya.

To be published Fall of 2007 from Willow Creek Press



RANCHO WEIRDO, new stories, work in progress

Life on the U.S./Mexican border presents a clash of cultures and expectations that is explored with insight and dark humor in Laura Chester’s new collection of short stories, Rancho Weirdo (Bootstrap Press). Read more...

With hilarious quirky drawings by Haeri Yoo.

RANCHO WEIRDO, new stories, work in progress



A literary anthology of contemporary
prose and poetry for young adults including 80 color portraits of girls with
their horses by Donna Demari.

Images are taken of girls riding in equestrian events, rodeo, at home and on the trail. Including a fabulous sequence of pictures of the “escaramuza” girls who ride
side saddle in costume at a gallop!

Willow Creek Press, Spring, 2007



SPARKS, selected prose poems

SPARKS, selected prose poems
Sparks is the second collaboration (see Holy Personal) of author Laura Chester and photographer Donna DeMari. Here Chester’s selected prose-poems are complemented by sepia-toned photographs. This quirky, personal favorite, presents writing as a secret hiding place, as it delves into the glories and traumas of childhood. Read more...

Donna DeMari has been shooting fashion since the late seventies, as well as photographing horses in a wide range of settings. Her work has appeared in many top European magazines, including Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

SCRAPS: a charmed yet secret life

Popi was a trickster, a playful tease, pulling pranks on us all-- "If you can catch a llama, I'll take you to the Kiltie," knowing that was an impossible task. Daring us to eat a green onion or an oyster for a dollar. Read more...