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KeySatchel edition from Quale Press, 2000

All in All is a collection of prose poems about growing up on Oconomowoc Lake, in Wisconsin, with period photographs from the family collection. A haunting collage of childhood memories and beautiful language that stirs up recollections of past incarnations.


Sensuous, full of startling images these pieces have an undercurrent that is edgy, strange. "Eyes in the wind like cut glass," a carriage that shines "like a hearse of wet licorice." Similar to film clips, each frame is visually packed and intense. The writing flows like the water, naturally, glinting, full of life and light even in the shadows. The poems crackle like "winter lightning." They are beautiful, and make one believe that the past can't crumble, "like love letters written on crease broken paper." These prose-poems, similar to the scent in the old carriage up on blocks, off limits, "stir up recollections of other incarnations." --Lyn Lifshin

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