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This first book of self-published poems was written in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with seven illustrations by artist/writer, John Brandi, author of "Diary of a Journey to the Middle of the World," roundhouse.
poem dream series

This 54 page book of prose-poem dream stories was written in Paris, France, published by Howard McCord of the Tribal Press, and printed in Milwaukee by The Morgan Press. Nightlatch was printed in a limited edition, now extremely rare.


Published by Melissa Albers of Christopher's Books, Primagravida is a 116 page collection of poems, journal entries and prose-poems about the experience of a first pregnancy and birth. Set in monotype and printed by Gary Albers in Santa Barbara.

MY PLEASURE, voice pieces

A peopled poetry, an overlapping of internal/external voices, dialogues, riffs, back-to-back talking, similar to the semiconscious linking of the twilight reverie, what we go to sleep on, the prickling of memory, audial and surface phenomenon.


This 38 page collection of poems was published in 1978 by Cold Mountain Press of Austin, Texas. This limited edition of 500 copies was printed at the West Coast Print Center in Berkeley, California. Very rare.

This first major collection of poems, 128 pages, was published in an edition of 1200 copies by Melissa Albers of Christopher's Books, beautifully printed in monotype by Mackintosh & Young in Santa Barbara.