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Riding Barranca: finding freedom and forgiveness on the midlife trail

Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books (May 1, 2013)

Riding Barranca: Finding Freedom and Forgiveness on the Midlife TrailRiding with Laura is pure pleasure. In a fleeting one-year journal, skilled horsewoman, Laura Chester, brings us into her world, where we deeply connect with the earth and its seasons, with beauty and sometimes danger.

The borderland of Arizona and the Berkshires of Massachusetts are the contrasting settings where we get to know Barranca, learning what the love between horse and rider creates: a realm unto itself. Whether climbing the mountains of Sedona or picking ripe apples from the saddle, Chester's lucid prose always takes us with her.

An on-going struggle with a difficult mother is woven throughout this narrative. What better way to process the past than by riding out on horseback, where memories can be released and the forgiving animal beneath you becomes the greatest solace.

This is a book full of emotion and visceral movement, in which forested hills and wide open grasslands become the trail of our newfound experience, the horse an intimate companion, mediator between soul and nature, helping us connect to our truer, more elemental selves.

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