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Lupus Novice: toward self-healing
Station Hill Press, 1987
New paperback edition 1999
Cloth edition available from author

This “exceptional patient,” as Dr. Bernie Siegel describes Chester, reverses the expectations of current medical opinion… This intimate self-portrait is not only a personal mythology but a story of transformation.

The enlarged paperback edition includes a foreword by the best-selling authority on auto-immune disease, Dr. Jesse Stoff, as well as an epilogue by the author. Recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil.

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“Laura’s book deserves to be read by all those dealing with illness… Instead of “Why me?” she shows us how to say, “Try me!” Bernie S. Siegel, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

“This is truly a fascinating book that I recommend to all our lupus patients. An outstanding book about love, compassion, determination, self-actualization and witnessing to all those who suffer from lupus.” Wesley V. Kikuchi, Endorsed by the Institute of Anti-Aging and Longevity

“Laura Chester has written a moving and significant book. On one level, she discusses her personal odyssey through the realm of a serious and inexplicable disease—its history, current cultural status, biology, symbolism and the doctors of all persuasions who attempt to cure it. On another level, she speaks to the esoteric level of the disease, discussing the initiation into a deeper level of self and a journey through the unconscious and archetypal aspects of nature. On this level she is an artist more than a patient, an individual who has the power to affect her cure, in part, through her own creative resources. The book is not only a personal mythology but the transformation of a novice into healer.”
Richard Grossinger, author of Planet Medicine